DC Drives supplier in South Africa

DC Drives Supplier in South Africa

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Choosing the right DC Drives supplier in South Africa for your applications

Second to your customers, your DC Drive supplier in South Africa are most probably the most important key business relationship your busines can have. Choosing the right DC Drive supplier for your business is simply non-negotiable, as the supply of the highest quality of DC Drives and the services thereoff caters for the smooth running of your business in the DC Drive Industry of South Africa. That being said, not any DC Drives supplier in South Africa will qualify in this regard, and therefore careful consideration must be given to the profile of the DC Drives supplier in and around South Africa. This goes beyond price and all factors that underline any strategic long-term partnership should be considered.

Some of the most important, but easily overlooked factors to consider when choosing the best DC Drive supplier in South Africa are:

Reliability - We offer a wide range of DC Drives solutions to maximise flexibility and increase performance. Our range of DC drives in South Africa meet a variety of industrial applications. As a DC Drive supplier in South Africa, we stick to order quantities in order to ensure deliveries are on time and undamaged. This will minimize production lags to your staff, and increase service delivery to your customers.

Stability - EP Normand are well known in the industry as the leading DC Drives supplier and integrator of DC Drives in South Africa since 1974.

So, when deciding on which DC Drive and or DC Drives supplier in South Africa to use as your preferred supplier, keep in mind that by retrofitting existing DC motor applications with our Parker digital DC drives, you will still enjoy the benefits of a flexible control platform and a high performance DC drive supplied by EP Normand.